Hi, on this blog I`ll be talking about my ski life. I am on the Mont-Blanc racing ski team.

I am in U12 and it’s really hard because there are some good skiers out there. If you don’t know what U12 is, it’s when you are younger then 12 but older then 10. There’s U8, U10, U12, U14, U16, U18 and then you’re a couch if you want or you could try out for the Quebec skiing team. I am the 60th best skier in U12 in Quebec.

I have a skin suit, fisher boots, head slalom skis and head giant slalom skis, Leki pols, Komoperdel pols with komperdel cups, and Komperdel shin pads, Bricko helmet and Oakley goggles that Linsy Vonn.