In my opinion what makes a good comment is: when  someone says what they liked in the blog and then compare. Also when  people say why it was a good post. These are comments I left one people blog:

Hi Lily,

Loved your post on Brazil! I never been to Brazil. Have you? Anyway I was wondering if you could make a post like that on Canada? 

 Bye Heaven Online,


Hello Aubrey,
It is so cool that you are staring in a play. Every play I went in I was one of the main character.
If you ever go in another play you should totally blog about it. Loved your post.

See you later,
Heaven online

I also did

Good day Jordan,

It’s so cool that you can finish a Rubik’s cube in 59.93 seconds. I don’t want to brag, but I could solve a Rubik’s cube in 50.01 seconds. I had never heard of the game Robocraft, but it sounds cool. Loved your post!

Bye for now Heaven Online!  

and that is how you live a great comment!:)

Student Blog Challenge

Hi!  I am participating in the Student Blog Challenge!  The Student Blog Challenge is about bringing children on blogs/bloggers together, it’s also about computer skills and … FUN!!!:)

On the posts that are coming up on my blog, I will be writing about what kids like these days, and what they liked when our parents where our age. I will also be writing about things that you suggest, and what you would like to read about!

Well that’s all for now, bye!!:)


Hi, on this blog I`ll be talking about my ski life. I am on the Mont-Blanc racing ski team.

I am in U12 and it’s really hard because there are some good skiers out there. If you don’t know what U12 is, it’s when you are younger then 12 but older then 10. There’s U8, U10, U12, U14, U16, U18 and then you’re a couch if you want or you could try out for the Quebec skiing team. I am the 60th best skier in U12 in Quebec.

I have a skin suit, fisher boots, head slalom skis and head giant slalom skis, Leki pols, Komoperdel pols with komperdel cups, and Komperdel shin pads, Bricko helmet and Oakley goggles that Linsy Vonn.

I’m in the Olympics!


I would love to be in the Olympics because I would have privileges like winning an Olympic medal, seeing special peoples or things and maybe some times I could buy something and not pay for it!

I would also love to be in the Olympics because I love all sports!:)

Did you know that I shook hands with the Mayor of Candiac and wrote my name in the golden book of Candiac! It was awesome!!! The reason why I shook hands with the Mayor of Candiac and wrote my name in the Continue reading

The Unknown Traveller | Story

Suddenly an unknown traveler appeared. He was tall, strong and handsome. Some people thought that he was a knight in shining armor, and others thought he was a prince! I thought that he was both. He went to the castle door and knocked 3 times! Knock! Knock! Knock! And he went inside he told the King and Queen that he knew that the princess was missing and he wanted to go look for her! The King and Queen said “yes”. So off he went and he was almost got to the princess but suddenly there was a squeaky yell the unknown traveler/prince/knight in shining armor knew that that was the princess yelling so he went straight to the sound of the princess yelling. And he found her in the hands of a DRAGON!!! He fought the dragon, got the princess and brought her back to the castle!:) The king and queen reworded the unknown traveller. And the beautiful princess married him!:)

The town was smiling again and they all lived happily ever after!